The Reason Mama And Papa Live Movie Poster

The Reason Mama And Papa Live (2014)

A story about a married couple both diagnosed with cancer and given limited time to live. As mother of two young children, Yoshioka Shuko notices a lump in her chest one day and goes to a hospital to have it checked out. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband Kenichi is fully prepared to battle the disease with her until he finds out that he, too is ill with lung cancer. For the sake of the children, the couple determine to not let this defeat them, but to approach life cheerfully and positively in what is a stirring and unforgettable record of a family driven by the strength of love and who never forgets their sense of humor.

  • Yukari Tatsui

Release Date: 2014-11-20
Seasons: 1
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
Jun Fubuki
Jun Fubuki
Makiko Asami
Kazue Fukiishi
Kazue Fukiish...
Shuko Yoshioka
Munetaka Aoki
Munetaka Aoki
Kenichi Yoshioka
Konomi Watanabe
Konomi Watana...
Hinata Igarashi
Tetsushi Tanaka
Tetsushi Tana...
Kazuki Nomura
Mayumi Asaka
Mayumi Asaka
Yumiko Yoshioka
Taiichi Yoshioka
Tomiyuki Kunihiro
Tomiyuki Kuni...
Nobuhiko Asami